Displaying hope and resilience through the hardships of history

Through months of research and dedication to meticulous detail, Carrie developed the body of work Humanity among Tragedy; an inspiring paper art homage to the resilience of human life during tragedy.

'The idea behind Humanity among Tragedy was to document how we, as communities and the world, have come together during tragic times to keep the humanity of the world and its people,' Carrie said.

'I wanted to find the middle ground of historically damaging events, highlighting well known tragic events such as wars and the pandemic, while also showing how they have brought humanity together; displaying both how events like these impact us, and how society grows closer because of them.

'It exhibits the good and bad side of such events in a nice even middle ground, displaying hope and resilience during hardship that history has repeated time and time again.                

'My work explores themes of resilience, hope and togetherness as well as hardship and struggle.

'I wanted to explore a heavy topic that many people could relate to or had knowledge of but to also shed light on how us as humanity has coped.'         

Hardship and hope

'My artistic style is very broad and depends on medium and scale. For this particular work it was semi-realism as I recreated historical images, being accurate enough to be understood but also working with the limitations of paper cutting,' Carrie said.       

'I hope that people see hope for themselves and the communities around them. To understand that hardship is everywhere and has always been a part of the human condition but to understand that during any struggle, there is always hope and to stay resilient and optimistic while acknowledging the world around them as it unfolds and the people near and far experiencing similar issues.

'I am very honoured to be included in ArtRage and to be among the broad range of works featured from across Tasmania.

'It is a great learning experience as I can take what I learn, or feedback from my work, to improve in the future. It is a goal of mine to be recognised as an artist in my community, and ArtRage is helping to support this goal.

'My hopes for the future are to have more opportunities like this and to grow and learn as an artist from the people and things around me and in the world.

'I hope for next year to make another successful body of work that people can appreciate and to further explore what it means to be an artist.'               

My advice to student artists

'My advice for future students is to manage your time, take advantage of the skills of the people around you for help, to explore mediums, to stay true to who you are and your identity as an artist, to challenge yourself as an artist and explore what being an artist means to you.'