A world in which nature thrives

Growing up around the natural beauty of lutruwita/Tasmania, Flynn has been long inspired by the bushland that surrounded his childhood.

'My earliest memory is of looking out the window upon the bush we lived in and the privilege of growing up surrounded by nature has led to my appreciation of it,' Flynn said.

Embarking on an ambitious artistic goal for their end of year Art Production class project, Flynn chose to bring his vision of Dreams of Nature to life through animation – a new skill learnt within the 2021 school year.

'My art draws similarity in style to that of nature and wildlife photography but with the added fluidity of animation.

'With the dwindling number of locations untouched by humans, our hindered ability to travel due to a pandemic, and ongoing damage being done to the environment around us, it is more important than ever to remember and admire the natural world.

Dreams of Nature depicts a world where nature thrives and prospers with humans being able to live with non-anthropocentric views.'

Exploring the wonder of nature through animation

'I wish for people to gain a greater sense of importance for nature through experiencing its beauty in artistic forms,' Flynn said.

'I am very proud to be of few chosen from many to have my artwork exhibited in ArtRage.

'My artwork has led to much more opportunity than I expected, this exhibition the greatest of them to date.

'I hope to be able to continue my animations, learning new skills and abilities. I eventually hope to continue this artistic endeavour as a profession rather than a hobby.'

My advice to student artists

'I would encourage all artists to commit themselves to both the topics pertaining to their work as well as their work itself.

'It's important to have a strong passion for what you do will allow for creative ideas to come naturally.

'But overall, make sure to enjoy yourself while creative your body of work.'