In conversation: Luis Ramirez


Image: Somewhere in Matta Avenue by miniaturist Luis Ramirez. 

Miniaturist Luis Ramirez—better known as Lobo Street Art on Instagram—is a self-described urban artist, based in Santiago, Chile. 

Making miniatures from his home, Ramirez has amassed over 13.9k followers on Instagram through actively sharing his creations with online audiences. "I design in my house. I have my workshop with my things, my ideas, and my city materials."  

He began creating his own works as a child. "Because I didn't have the toys of the moment, I built my own toys." 

His fascination with miniature scale model making was borne from a desire to create. Ramirez said that he had the freedom to create the thoughts of what he wanted, and what he needed. "Right now, I can mix the dream of a child with my work." 

"I try to represent the context, the truth about my society, and I try to be honest about the moment of my society,” he said. 

This reality is represented in his piece included in the Miniature Worlds exhibition at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery at Royal Park. Displayed in two halves of a spray paint can, Somewhere in Matta Avenue shows a society at odds with itself.   

Miniature-Worlds-miniature-artwork-Somewhere-on-Matta-Avenue-by-Lobo.jpgImage: Somewhere in Matta Avenue by artist Luis Ramirez. 

Two street artists are shown in an upright can, tagging their latest art. The second horizontal paint can shows a figure attempting to remove the graffiti from the wall.  

"I wanted to take advantage of these paint cans and integrate one of the iconic streets that connects old Santiago. Matta Avenue has several walls of art. These in particular, I like a lot,” he said. 

Ramirez notes that he has been influenced by the intricate wood carving of Chilean diorama and miniaturist Zerreritug, also known as Rodolfo Gutierrez Schwerter.  

He also cites another artist as a principal maker that he looks up to (and one whose name will be familiar to visitors of Miniature Worlds): Joshua Smith, co-curator of the exhibition. 

On being included in QVMAG's Miniature Worlds exhibition, Ramirez said, "I feel so proud of my job and the way I do my work. For me, it is like an Oscar." 

Miniature Worlds is on display at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery at Royal Park until 4 February 2024.